Commodities’ prices start peaking ahead of Ramazan

Commodities’ prices start peaking ahead of Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: The prices of almost all the essential and kitchen items have started registered sudden increases with Holy fasting month of Ramzan less than six days away.

During the last the prices of 15 essential item have registered an increase of six percent.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics the prices of 15 items the prices of which have soared since last week included ghee, cooking oil, channa pulse, maash pulse, eggs, rice, chicken, and potato.

As per the Bureau decline in the prices of 10 items was also registered during last week. These included tomato, onion, LPG, sugar, moong pulse, masoor pulse, red chillies, and wheat flour. the prices of these items declined by as much as seven percent.

Similarly, the in sensitive price index the inflation rate hovered at 0.06 percent. According to the Bureau for lowest Rs 8,000 per month salaried segment of the society the inflation declined minimally while for the remaining salaried groups this rate remained 0,10 percent.

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