Fruits prices shoot with the advent of Ramazan

Fruits prices shoot with the advent of Ramazan

KARACHI: Profiteers in Karachi have raised the fruits prices owing to its rising demand in Ramazan, Business92 reported.

All the fruits available in market have witnessed an increase landing the fast observing faithful into a worrisome state. Apples are being sold between Rs250-300 per kg, mangoes Rs120-150 a kg, bananas Rs150 per dozen, watermelon Rs40 a kg, melons Rs60 per kg, peaches Rs160 a kg.

The price list issued by the Commissioner of Karachi is not in effect in any of the shops.

People have demanded the government to initiate action against the profiteers and decrease the prices of fruits.

Fruit vendors and wholesalers increase prices every year and fleece the customers without any fear of being penalized or caught by the toothless price regulation mechanism of district administration.

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  1. Yes its true in ramazan fruits and all commodities prices elevates. But you can try many other cheap and easy iftar recipes and urdu recipes at zauqshauq.

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