Sharp increase in vegetable prices across Pakistan

Sharp increase in vegetable prices across Pakistan

Vegetable Prices Pakistan Increase News

SLAMABAD: An overall increase in the prices of vegetables was seen
across the country, Business92 reported on Tuesday.

The prices of tomatoes has reached Rs. 130 per kilogram after an increase
of Rs. 30 whereas the per kilo cost of green chilies went up to Rs. 120 per kilogram
following a hike of Rs. 80.

The per kilo cost of capsicum reached Rs. 100 after an increase of Rs. 80 whereas the price of garlic and ginger went up to Rs. 340 and 200 per kilogram respectively.

Tomatoes were being sold in Islamabad’s Sunday Market at Rs. 130 per kilogram. In Karachi, the per kilogram price of tomato went up to Rs. 120 following a hike of 90 rupees since the past two weeks.

The situation is no different in Peshawar as the per kilogram cost of tomatoes reached Rs. 100 whereas potatoes cost Rs. 40 per kilo. The rates of green chilies reached 120 per kilogram whereas the cost of capsicum went up to Rs. 100 per kilogram.

Garlic costs Rs. 340 per kilogram while per kilo price of ginger has gone up to Rs. 200 per kilogram.

In Lahore, per kilo cost of tomatoes has also gone up to Rs. 90.

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