Tax cut, import duties must to save home appliances industry: Najam

Tax cut, import duties must to save home appliances industry: Najam

Pakistan Home Appliances Industries Chief Executive Najam-ul-Hasan


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GUJRANWALA: “The government must rein in the floodgates of finished products being imported from China so that the domestic industry could flourish and the manufacturers could compete in the local market.”

This was said by Najam-ul-Hasan, Chief Executive Welcome Home Appliances Industries while talking exclusively to Business92.

He said that Chinese products have made their inroads into the Pakistani markets and local manufacturers have become uncompetitive due to higher cost of doing business in the country.

Najam-ul-Hasan mentioned that some 500 small and medium-size units in Gujranwala are manufacturing home appliances and approximately 20,000 people are earning livelihood from this sector.

“The rising business expenses had compelled domestic manufacturers to import Chinese products with their brand tags rather than raw material,” he deplored and added that if the government does not discourage this trend, local home appliances’ makers would quit the market.

Najam-ul-Hasan demanded imposition of heavy import duty on finished products so that the local manufacturers could make price effective products.

He urged upon the government and the stakeholders to chalk out effective strategy so that the Industry could flourish and more job opportunities be created.

“The mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a good omen for both the countries, however, the government should formulate a strategy to save local industries from inexpensive Chinese products,” Najam-ul-Hasan remarked.

Shedding light on the obstacles being faced by the home appliances makers, he said, “Petroleum and steel prices have spiked in the recent months and power and gas tariffs are already on the higher side. These factors have increased the rates of home appliances.”

“The local industry demands immediate tax cuts, imposition of hefty duties on the imported finished products and keep inflation rate under control,” he mentioned.

Commenting on the possible ways that how more jobs can be created, Najam-ul-Hasan stressed upon the government to promote vocational training among the youngsters so that the industry could employ skilled labour.

It is pertinent to mention here that Gujranwala is known for its electronics and electrical products like washing machine, electric coolers, geysers and other home appliances and the 500 small and medium-size units contribute millions of rupees to the national kitty annually.

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