Cement sales jump 10 percent during July-Nov

Cement sales jump 10 percent during July-Nov

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KARACHI: Domestic cement sale has gained momentum during last five
months as its demand spurred in the wake of development projects
in the country, Business92 reported.

According to the spokesmen of All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers
Association, the demand of cement has increased to 16.5 million tons
during the current fiscal year which was 14.8 million tons in the last fiscal year.

In November, the industry achieved the highest ever capacity utilization
of 98.61 percent by dispatching combined 3.749 million tons of cement as
against 3.377 million tons in the corresponding month last year.

Cement industry dispatched 16.251 million tons of cement during the
first five months of the current fiscal year of 2016/17, up 9.89 percent
as compared to 14.788 million tons in the similar period of 2015/16.

In July-November, local cement sales increased 12.13 percent to 13.709 million tons.Cement exports, however, decreased 0.79 percent to 2.542 million tons.

Cement mills, located in the northern part of the country, dispatched 11.305 million tons for domestic consumption and 1.702 million tons for exports in the July-November period, recording growths of 11.05 percent and 4.30 percent, respectively. Cement manufacturers, based in the southern part, locally sold 2.404 million tons and exported 0.839 million tons, registering a 17.49 percent rise in local sales and a 9.72 percent fall in exports. The industry official expressed satisfaction over the continued growth in domestic demand.

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