PM eulogizes late Edhi’s services for humanity

PM eulogizes late Edhi’s services for humanity

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said the whole humanity always feel obliged to people like Abdul Sattar Edhi who had sacrificed their lives for the betterment of humanity.

Late Edhi had sincerely served the humanity despite limited resources which were acknowledged worldwide. Such people would also succeed in the life and hereafter, the Prime Minister observed in his message on the 89th birthday of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The Prime Minister said late Edhi’s life was a guiding precedent. The people who have objectives to serve humanity by utilizing all their energies for the betterment of society also earned public reverence, he added.

He noted through negative thinkings and politics, public sentiments could be harmed, but no place could be carved in the hearts of people through these tactics.

Edhi himself was an organization and created such an institution which is still serving millions of people, he added.

The Prime Minister said the society also fully supported his noble cause for humanity which manifest that our society respects values of selfless service to humanity and honesty.

Names of such figures whether they belonged to politics, religion or other fields, live forever, he said, adding Edhi served people irrespective of colour, creed or religion, following the sublime footprints of prophets.

The Prime Minister urged the people associated with the welfare work to follow the path tread by late Edhi, reminding that the Pakistani nation would also extend its full respect and support in their noble deeds.

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