Farooq Sattar says MQM disowned Altaf Hussain, London Secretariat

Farooq Sattar says MQM disowned Altaf Hussain, London Secretariat

MQM News Today

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) head Dr Farooq Sattar
on Saturday called an end to what he called “an undeclared ban on his party” (MQM News Today).

Addressing a press conference, Dr Farooq Sattar also said that MQM took an unprecedented step of the
party’s history following August 22 events.

“We felt our responsibility without any consultation and came to conclusion that time had come to draw a line,” he also said.

The senior politician said that MQM Pakistan had no connection with Mr Altaf Hussain and
London chapter of the party now. “We have parted ways with Altaf Hussain and London Secretariat, he said.

Furthermore, Dr Farooq Sattar also lamented that his party was being victimized and even women workers were being rounded up.

The senior politician said that MQM’s mandate must be fully respected in true letter and spirit.

“We have fully disowned and denounced the August 22 speech,” he further said, adding that no MQM
representative would attend any talk show if the process of victimization did not stop.

“Nine Zero, which is headquarter of MQM Pakistan, remains sealed illegally and unconstitutionally,” added Sattar.

Moreover, he alos said that some of the party’s offices demolished were legally donated by supporters.

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