Imran hastens to clarify statement after SC judge issues warning

Imran hastens to clarify statement after SC judge issues warning

NOWSHERA: PTI chairman Imran Khan clarified his statement on Friday, saying that he had earlier said that two judges from the five-member bench constituted to hear the Panama Leaks case, had declared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a liar.

Addressing a rally at Nowshera, the cricketer-turned-politician gave clarification regarding a statement by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan. The honourable judge had expressed displeasure at a political leader who had misled the people into thinking that all five judges had called the Prime Minister a liar.

“Let me clarify what I had said,” stated Imran. “I stated that two judges had declared Nawaz Sharif a liar and all judges rejected Qatari letter as evidence,” he added.

Imran challenged the Sharif brothers that if they took him to court, then he would bring forward all those politicians who allegedly received bribe in Changa Manga and Bhurban.

Khan warned people that inflation would rise in the country which will cause further hardship for poor people. He said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had ordered Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to impose further taxes of Rs 40 billion on the nation.

“We aren’t self-sufficient only because of corruption and not because we do not have resources,” said Imran. “We have lost respect in the world because we are in debt,” he added.

Imran Khan said that if it was his dream to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it wouldn’t have taken him 21 years to fulfill it.

During proceedings regarding the JIT’s formation today, Justice Ejaz Afzal expressed displeasure over statements by politicians, saying a political party leader had lied and misled people by giving the impression that all the five judges had called the prime minister a liar in the verdict.

He warned if judges were misattributed or misquoted again, the person concerned would be brought to the court.

He remarked that the judges were showing restrain, adding, “Our patience must not be tested.”

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