India bans medical visas for Pakistan

India bans medical visas for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Crossing all limits of inhumanity, India has imposed an unannounced ban on issuance of medical visas to Pakistani citizens.

According to sources, India is making several changes in the rules to make the visa process more complicated while no visa has been granted to any Pakistani citizen during last two months.

Islamabad has expressed reservation over the move that will affect thousands of Pakistanis travelling to India for health reasons. According to Indian media, Narendra Modi’s government is also planning to review business and religious pilgrimage visas offered to Pakistani citizens.

Reportedly, around 500 patients travel to India for treatment of liver and heart-related ailments at major hospitals in New Delhi, Chennai and other cities.

The decision to restrict visa issuance has been taken by India few weeks after it decided to put all bilateral engagements with Pakistan on hold after RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav’s death sentence.

Though the curbs will also come at some cost to India, the BJP-led government is ready to go ahead to reflect what foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had announced in Parliament that India will go to any extent to free Kulbhushan Yadhav.

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