India, Pakistan conclude arguments in Kulbhushan case, ICJ to announce verdict soon

India, Pakistan conclude arguments in Kulbhushan case, ICJ to announce verdict soon

THE HAGUE: Pakistan stated that it was not afraid of terrorists and pointed that Indian spy Kulbhushan Jhadav had confessed to being involved in destabilizing activities in the country, as it presented its argument at the International Court of Justice, on Monday.

According to details, the Pakistani lawyer presented his argument and said that India had stayed silent on the matter of Kulbhushan’s Indian passport and had not given an explanation regarding it. He reiterated the fact that the Indian spy had admitted to being involved in activities aimed to destabilize Pakistan.

“India cannot be granted consular access to Kulbhushan Jhadav since he is not entitled to it,” he said.

Barrister Khawar Qureshi said that Pakistan wanted peaceful relations with all its neighbours however, it also respected its sovereignty. He said that India was informed regarding Kulbhushan’s arrest.

He further said that India had not presented its evidence in front of the International Court of Justice regarding the case of Kulbhushan Jhadav. He said that India’s stance was conflicting and riddled with misrepresentation.

“India’s request has lots of glitches,” said barrister Khawar Qureshi. “Kulbhushan Jhadav’s case cannot be tried in the International Court of Justice,” he said.

Khawar Qureshi further said that it was the collective responsibility of all nations to punish terrorists. He said that India had wasted the time of the International Court of Justice by bringing in Kulbhushan Jhadav’s case.

“Has India told the International Court of Justice who Kulbhushan is? India has not put forth any evidence of Jhadav’s innocence,” he said.

Both parties to the case concluded their arguments and the court will announce the verdict soon.

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