Malir turned battlefield as MWM clash with police

Malir turned battlefield as MWM clash with police

Malir Protest News

KARACHI: The Majlis Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen staged a sit-in at Malir 15
against what they claimed illegal arrests of their leaders and workers in
the city. Tension ensued after the blockage of the main thoroughfare in
Karachi area of Malir led to police action to break up the
demonstrators, Business92 reported (Malir Protest News).

Trains stopped

The police officials and the administration remained engaged with
protesters in talks for more than four hours. The enraged protesters
occupied the railway track and railways operation remained standstill
for two hours. The railway authorities have stopped the trains at Landhi station.


Action, Tear gas, Ariel firing

The police gave deadline of 1400hrs to the protesters to end sit-in
which was refused by the leaders. The police marched towards the
mob and tried to push them back. In retaliation, the mob pelted stones
leaving three policemen injured.


The police fired ariel shots and tear gas and chased the protesters
who dispersed in the streets.

Meantime, more police contingents arrived on the spot. Both the track
of National Highway have been cleared after the police dispersed the
protesters who continued throwing stones at police.

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