PM lashes out at detractors, says liar can’t be a leader

PM lashes out at detractors, says liar can’t be a leader

Nawaz Sharif Speech

KAHUTA: Lashing out at his detractors, Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif on Friday said the one who lies and humiliate others publicly
can not claim to be the leader of civilized Pakistanis, Business92 reported.

Addressing a large gathering at Kahuta’s small village Narh, Nawaz Sharif also said,
“The opponents can not digest the economic growth and flourishing country.”

Moreover, without naming Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf chairman Imran Khan, he said
the opposition was scared of the government’s journey of progress and
prosperity and wanted to interrupt it at any cost.

“Such elements want to halt the development process which the Pakistan
Muslim League-N  government is continuing in the best interest
of common man,” he further added.

Nawaz Sharif categorically vowed not to bow down before opposition’s
such attempts and negative propaganda.

Furthermore, criticizing Musharraf’s regime and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)
government, Nawaz Sharif questioned why they did not address power shortage issue,
job creation, infrastructure development and improvement of law and
order situation in the country. “Why all these issues are to be addressed
by PML-N government,” he also mentioned.

He termed those responsible for energy crisis as ‘public offenders’ and said
their apathy resulted in worse load-shedding of even 16 to 18 hours a day.

“The PML-N is the sole political party with the credit of economic turnaround,
nuclear tests, motorways and overcoming energy shortage,” he also said.

Furthermore, PM Nawaz Sharif also expressed confidence that PML-N would
sweep next general elections of 2018 on the basis of its track record of development.

The Prime Minister also said the construction of a highway from Khunjrab
having altitude of 16,000 feet at China border down to Gwadar was in progress,
which would connect the country’s north with south.

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