Panama allegations on PM baseless: Anusha Rehman

Panama allegations on PM baseless: Anusha Rehman

Panama Leaks List News

ISLAMABAD: The leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on
Thursday strongly criticized the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan
for throwing baseless allegations over Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
and said the PM does not own any offshore company or flat in
London, Business92 reported (Panama Leaks List News).

State minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman told reporters
in a press briefing that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had rejected all allegations
against him in Panama Papers case and added that “All the allegations
against the Prime Minister are merely allegations.”

She said proceedings of the Supreme Court on Panama Papers
were being distorted by the opposition. “We have come before the public to put the facts.”

She said name of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not in the
Panama Papers. The PTI lawyer failed to present any evidence in the case, she added.

She said the court should investigate the matter of Panama Papers to ascertain the authenticity of all the baseless allegations.

Furthermore, she said as the case was of personal nature, the Attorney
General was not representing the government. However, the court could call the
attorney general for its assistance through a notice, otherwise he had no role, she added.

PM Lawyers

The minister said the lawyer of prime minister did not raise any objection about
maintainability of the petitions.

She said due to shortage of time, only the replies of Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Captain (R) Muhammad Safdar
were submitted to the court, in which they rejected all the allegations against them.

She said in the reply submitted by the Prime Minister, it was stated that
children of the Prime Minister were not dependent on him.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had been filing details of his income and
assets before the Election Commission every year, Anusha said.

Anusha Rehman Views About Imran Khan

She said Imran Khan wanted to give the impression that lawyer of the
Prime Minister had raised any objection about the maintainability of the
case. This was contrary to facts and proof of this was that in the interim
order of Supreme Court it was stated that Registrar of the Supreme Court
himself raised some objections about the maintainability of petitions, she added.

The minister said it was unfortunate that after hearing all of the proceedings
in the Supreme Court, Imran Khan instead of uttering truth, continued with his lies.

She said the legal team went to the prime minister and told him that objections
could be raised about maintainability of the case but the prime minister stopped them from doing it.

This case should be decided as soon as possible so that everything was clear, she remarked.

The minister said the prime minister while standing on the floor of the
National Assembly stated that he presented himself and his family for accountability.

To a question, Anusha Rehman said if hands of Imran Khan were not
clean then he should not raise fingers towards others.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights Barrister Zafarullah Khan said the prime minister submitted his reply within 24 hours before the court and presented all the facts.

PM Legal Team

The legal team of the prime minister did not raise any technical objection, he added.
He also said the case in Supreme Court would meet the same fate as happened in the
case of allegations of rigging in elections.

He also said two petitions were filed against Imran Khan in the Supreme Court
and these would be heard on November 7.

He further expressed hope that as was done by the prime minister, Imran Khan too
would not raise any objection about the maintainability of these petitions
and would present himself for accountability.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif also said on every occasion that he
was ready for accountability and would fully defend himself as his hands were clean, he also added.

Member National Assembly Daniyal Aziz reminded Imran Khan that the issue
of Panama Papers came to surface on April 3 and the prime minister immediately
addressed the nation, went to Parliament and presented himself for accountability.

After 20 days, the Prime Minister wrote a letter to the Supreme Court,
asked for formation of a judicial commission and then formed a committee for terms of reference.

Imran Khan did not take part in all those matters but on August 29 he thought
about filing a petition in Supreme Court, he said adding now Supreme Court
had decided to form a Judicial Commission which was the same thing done by PML-N government earlier.

He also said the nation had recognized those who were telling lies and did politics of U turns.

The replies of children of the prime minister would be submitted on
Monday in which detailed responses would be given, he said.

He also said due to wrong statements of Imran Khan and others the court
remarked during the hearing that everybody should refrain from distorting the court proceedings.

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