All focus is at Panama’s pitch: Imran

All focus is at Panama’s pitch: Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan has said
that his whole focus is on Panama’s pitch and hopefully the verdict will be
released next week, adding that the desire of becoming Prime minister was
to strengthen institutions.

Addressing the Business Summit in Islamabad, Chairman PTI Imran Khan
said that people come in politics just to make money. He said that he came
in politics to improve country’s politics, adding that he learned politics in
University. Pakistan’s political institutions are heading towards destruction.

Chairman PTI said that all of his focus is at the pitch of Panama these days and hopefully Panama’s verdict will be announced next week, which will change the ruling ways of elite class. Imran Khan said that when he was young, at that time Pakistan was rapidly heading towards development. Corruption was not in our DNA, we accepted that. Those societies destroy which do not change; hence bringing change and development is inevitable for survival.

Chairman PTI said that military is strong as we depended upon security. Constant military interference distorted democratic system. General Raheel Sharif eliminated terrorism. The ruling class is causing corruption in country; hence imposing martial law is quite difficult now.

Imran Khan said that for the first time a powerful man was captured in money laundering and corruption. Twenty two political parties said that elections were rigged. He said that he is preparing Charter of Demand for transparent elections. He said that it is being said for him that he participates in elections just to become prime minister, but he wants to strengthen institutions and human development after becoming prime minister.

Chairman PTI said that KPK government worked better than other provincial governments. KPK police is one of the best police of the country, as there is no political interference in KPK police. Today the issues we are facing were produced in 1980.

Imran Khan said that Trump was much worse than what he thought about him, adding that Trumps selection is the story of the fall of a civilized nation. He said that Trump being US president is demotion of a civilization.

Responding to a question regarding Governor Sindh, Imran Khan said that what he can say to Governor Sindh, as he got the position over serving Sharif family. Mohammed Zubair defended Sharif family over corruption. He said that he expected such stupid statement from Zubair.

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