India sending smog to Pakistan: NASA

India sending smog to Pakistan: NASA

Smog in Lahore

LAHORE: The persistent spell of the toxic smog in Lahore and other
parts of Punjab is not essentially a by-product of pollution produced
within Pakistani boundaries but is largely contributed by a perpetual
rival – India, NASA observed in its forecast (Smog Lahore New).

Moreover, a forecast by NASA points that high levels of “fires and thermal
anomalies” in Pakistan are caused by a colossal amount of toxic haze
rolling into Pakistani Punjab from Indian Punjab, putting millions at risk.

Also, the smog in Lahore that heretofore was thought to be an offshoot of vehicular and
industrial emissions in Pakistan has its origins in Indian soil, a fact that
many experts had already speculated.


Furthermore, the report also says that the pollutants are from staggering
amount — 32 million tons (30 billion kgs) of leftover straw — being
burnt by Indian farmers, which is an age-old practice.

Moreover, Delhi was also engulfed by a blanket of thick smog, causing poor visibility
with the air quality index reaching alarming levels across the city.

However, images published by NASA also suggest that burning of crops in
the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana could be the biggest reason
behind the air pollution in the region.

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