People climb up rooftops to catch supermoon’s rare glimpse

People climb up rooftops to catch supermoon’s rare glimpse

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis witnessed ‘super moon‘ Monday evening
which had happened after seventy years.

People across the country climbed up to rooftops for catching the
peculiar glimpse of ‘supermoon’. A number of people rushed to landmark
places to capture the moments. Youngsters took selfies with the moon.

“The moon was very close to earth at 18:52 PST and force of attraction
was strongest resulting in high tides than usual full moon, spokesman
of the Pakistan Meteorological Department said.

He said that the moon was seen bigger and brighter because it was at
the closest distance from the earth.

He said when the moon comes close to the earth, it appears 14 percent
bigger and 30 percent brighter than the normal full moon, which is
called the ‘supermoon’.

He said as orbit of the moon around the earth is elliptical, it causes
to change the distance between earth and moon. He advised the general
public to remain careful on Tuesday along the shore.

Last such type of supermoon was seen in 1948. People can experience such a
brighter super moon again on November 25, 2034.

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