Pakistan at tenth position in world apple production

Pakistan at tenth position in world apple production

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has opportunity to capture Russian market as importers have expressed interest in importing Pakistan’s apple.

According to a private news channel report, Pakistan, with production of 1.495 million tonnes production of apple, stands at number 10 in global rankings whereas overall trade of apple has surpassed 6.5 million tonnes.

Analysts believe Pakistan can earn foreign exchange reserve by capturing soaring global apple market.

Analysts urge government to facilitate farmers with provision of latest technology in this field and by discovering new markets.

Spokesperson of Apple Growers and Exporters Association said demand for Pakistani apple is surging in the international market. He disclosed that with adoption of modern techniques in farming, apple production can be increased by 2 tonnes per acre and country can earn Rs30 billion additional income.

He said France, Belgium, Chile, Netherlands and United States are countries that top list in apple production.

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2 thoughts on “Pakistan at tenth position in world apple production

  1. Saba Shahid

    This is a great news Pakistan should make some things done to move upto number number one spot with which they can earn more and with that nawaz will have more money to corrupt. Pakistan should also make good relation with other countries of the world.

  2. Pakistan trading and food production is improving day by day and its economy is also improving. Your visitors can also try many other urdu recipes and chinese recipes of zauqshauq.

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