Kinnow exports drop as seedless varieties capture markets

Kinnow exports drop as seedless varieties capture markets

Pakistan Oranges Export news

KARACHI: The demand of Pakistan oranges( Pakistan Oranges export) in the international
market has dropped as India, Turkey and Egypt have started producing
seedless kinnows, Business92 reported.

Exporters also said that demand for seedless kinnows remains high,
especially in the West, but unfortunately Pakistan did not produce such varieties.

“Farmers must start seedless kinnow production which will help
exporters to penetrate European Union markets,” they  further said.

“Citrus varieties and value-added products in the international market
stood at about $15 billion. By introducing other varieties, Pakistan could
generate over $1 billion through exports every year,” they also added.

Moreover, the export season for Pakistani oranges just ahead but there is lower
production, however due to improved weather conditions, the quality is
better than last year. The production of kinnows in Pakistan this season
is estimated to be around 1.4 million tons.

The export season will start around November 25, which is a week earlier
than usual, however it allows for more exports, particularly to the Russian market.

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