Imran opposes PSL final in Lahore, terms it ‘madness’

Imran opposes PSL final in Lahore, terms it ‘madness’

ISLAMABAD: As the Punjab government announced the holding of Pakistan Super League final in Lahore on March 5, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan opposing the decision termed it ‘madness’.

“Allah forbid, if any blast takes place in Lahore, there will be no cricket in Pakistan in the next 10 years,” he said while talking to a private news channel.

“This is madness considering the situation here” he said, referring to the spree of terrorism which rocked Pakistan and left lost of several lives.

“What’s the point of holding the PSL final in Lahore? It isn’t even an international match.”

The PTI leader added that in his view it was a horrible decision as what a nonsense to hold a match by calling in army and blocking roads and there will be high security.

The decision to hold the final fixture in the Punjab capital was put on a hold following a string of blasts hit the country, particularly Lahore, killing over 100 people but finally Punjab government has decided to hold final in Lahore.

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