Massive fires rage in Israel, at least 150 injured

Massive fires rage in Israel, at least 150 injured

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JERUSALEM: At least 150 people sustained burn injuries and above 80,000 flee
from their homes as massive wildfires rage continued in Israel.

Haifa, the third largest city of Israel is under fire threat and thousands
of people had been flee from the city. Experts also said that the fire could engulf
other cities. Moreover, hundreds of people were taken to the hospitals for smoke inhalation.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said that he would work
to strip residency from anyone found guilty of terrorism. He further said that
that some of the fires were the handiwork of ‘elements with great hostility towards Israel.

Furthermore, strong winds and dry weather fueled hundreds of fires across Israel and
occupied Palestinian territory. Above 200 fires broke out across the West
Bank on Friday, including 57 forest fires. Israeli police chief also said that they
had arrested 12 people in connection with the fire.


Haifa was the worst hit with several hundred homes affected by the fires,
schools and other institutions remained closed.

Firefighting aircraft from Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy and other countries
were sent to help with the speeding fires. Palestine and Arab countries were
also assisting Israel to extinguish the fire.

While Israeli settler leader Rabbi Elyakim Levanon said that fires were divine punishment.

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