Suicide attacks kill 70 in Syria

Suicide attacks kill 70 in Syria

Syria Suicide Attack News

DAMASCUS: At least seventy people were killed in two different suicide attacks on Friday.

 Sixty-two people were killed when a suicide attacker blew his explosive-laden small pick-up truck in Sousian village near Al-Bab town on Friday.

The explosion took place as the opposition fighters were organizing the return of civilians from al-Bab who had been displaced by the fighting for the town.

The blast devastated two adjacent rebel command posts and also seriously wounded a large number of fighters.

In a second car bomb attack eight people were killed in the same town.

Meanwhile, UN-sponsored peace efforts on Syria continued on second day in Geneva on Friday.

The UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura met with delegations of government and opposition to hammer out a procedure for the talks and to find a political solution to end the country’s devastating civil war.

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