US lifts 20-year economic embargo on Sudan

US lifts 20-year economic embargo on Sudan

WASHINGTON: United States has lifted a twenty-year economic embargo on
Sudan after the African country improved security in the region.

The outgoing Barack Obama’s administration announced the removal of ban through an executive order.

After this development, the Sudan will be able to import goods from the United States after two decades. The Sudanese oil and gas industry would also be able to make trade deals with the American companies.

The lift will also release frozen Sudanese property and assets held in the US.

Spokesperson for the Sudanese foreign ministry, Gharib Allah Khidir said  this step represents a positive and important development for the course of bilateral relations between the two countries.

However, some US sanctions tied to Sudan’s “state sponsor of terrorism” title remain in place, including a ban on weapons sales and restrictions on Darfur-related sanctions remain in effect.

It is pertinent to mention here that US lifted the ban on the request of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz congratulated the Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir on lifting the ban.

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